Solar Back Pack

The Kirloskar Solar branded solar backpack for charging gadgets-on-the-go is designed and assembled in India. The solar panel is flexible, ultra-lightweight, highly durable and very efficient. The backpack contains enough compartments for those who lead an active lifestyle to store all of their gadgets. The entire product is water resistant.

Solar USB Charger

The Solar USB Charger is an ultra-light weight charger which comes with a circuit defined to give a 5 Volt output required for majority of the portable gadgets. The size of the charger is very small so as to carry in a backpack or a suitcase.

TriFold Solar Charger

TriFold Solar Charger is a multi-utility gadget charger. It can charge range of mobile phones and tablets. It is manufactured using rugged and weather resistant solar panels. The Solar Panel works well even if scratched or cut by a knife and can twist and turn to accommodate the user’s active lifestyle.