Solar USB Charger

The Solar USB Charger is an ultra-light weight charger which comes with a circuit defined to give a 5 Volt output required for majority of the portable gadgets. The size of the charger is very small so as to carry in a backpack or a suitcase. It comes with a set of mobile pin connectors to cater the need of majority of users.

  • Charge on the go
  • Charges majority types of mobile phones in an efficient way
  • Save Electricity by using Solar USB Charger and contribute towards nature
  • Ideal replacement for conventional grid charger
MRP Rs 2499/-
Discount 20%
Final Price Rs 1999/-
Solar USB Charger
Solar USB ChargerSolar USB ChargerSolar USB ChargerSolar USB Charger
  • Flexible and ultra- lightweight Solar PV panel
  • Charging time between 4 to 6 hours for standard mobile devices
  • Works in diffused light; sunrise to sunset charging capability
  • Ideal solar charging device for 5V DC batteries of basic / smart phones, MP3 players
  • 3.5 Wp Solar Module
  • Output Voltage – 5 Volts
  • Output Current – 640 mA

Solar USB Charger has a regulated output which can charge smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth accessories, MP3 players

  • Solar USB Charger
  • Universal Charging Cable

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