Solar ChargeUp LITE

Solar ChargeUp LITE is a combo pack of Solar ChargeUp + Tögglite. It serves the purpose of battery storage system. The battery storage system called Tögglite can be used as a torch also.

  • Great combo pack of solar charger and a battery bank with dual functionality
  • Charges majority types of mobile phones in an efficient way
  • Ideal replacement for conventional grid charger
  • Tögglite can be used as an emergency torch
MRP Rs 3299/-
Discount 20%
Final Price Rs 2639/-
Solar ChargeUp LITE
Solar ChargeUp LITESolar ChargeUp LITE
  • Flexible and ultra- lightweight Solar PV panel
  • Charging time between 4 to 6 hours for standard mobile devices
  • Works in diffused light; sunrise to sunset charging capability
  • Ideal solar charging device for 5V DC batteries of basic / smart phones, MP3 players
  • Small in size; easy to carry anywhere, anytime
  • Works as a battery backup solution for mobile phones and/or other gadgets
  • Torch light backup – 15 hrs.
  • Torch light range – 20 feet (min.)
  • Elegant design with tight grip for ease of user
  • 3.5Wp Solar Module
  • Output Voltage – 5 Volts
  • Output Current – 640 mA
  • Tögglite Output Voltage – 5 Volts
  • Tögglite Output Current – 800 mA

Solar ChargeUp LITE can be used to directly charge the mobile phones, tablets, MP3 players or to store the charge in Tögglite. In turn Tögglite can be used to charge the gadgets or can be used as a torch.

  • Solar ChargeUp
  • Universal Charging Cable
  • Tögglite

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