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The Kirloskar Group

Kirloskar Solar is propelled by leading multi-engineering conglomerate, backed by 125 years of glorious legacy and undisputed leadership in giving cutting edge technology – The Kirloskar Group. Kirloskar Solar offers turn-key solar solutions, products, and services to all segments, from residential to large scale commercial and industries.

Kirloskar Solar has an extensive portfolio of customers in all segments like residential, Commercial, Industries, SMEs across sectors like Health care, Hospitality, Automotive, Commercial, Education, Agriculture and Manufacturing. We provide sustainable energy efficient solution to serve the entire spectrum of electricity consumers from those who have zero power cuts to those who have frequent power cuts. Kirloskar Solar Product Basket consists of solar PV modules, On-grid String Inverters, On-Grid Central Inverters, Off-Grid Inverters, Off-Grid and On-Grid Power Packs.

Kirloskar Solar has developed India’s one of its kind project where Fixed Axis, Single Axis tracker, and Rooftop are implemented at a single location. Kirloskar Solar is passionate about sustainable energy solutions through impeccable execution using cutting-edge technology.

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